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Keliru Ke Kerilu?

Well.. I got myself confused. Which people is more sucks in your opinion : 

Is it to go for a holiday and ask the one you borrowed money from, which your own friend, to join the holiday together as well (You don't pay up the money you borrow from him but instead you ask him to join for the holiday. Where the hell you get that money to spend over your holiday? Which one comes first? The holiday or getting the money borrowed to be paid off?)


Is it not to spend something quite expensive for yourself because you are afraid to think that your siblings will having a thought like "Eh bole pulak beli itu ini tapi bila nak pinjam duit asyik tak dapat nak tolong" ??? And you are of course a housewife which all your stuffs were bought by your own husband.

So, which one of them is sucks? Is it the one who ask to join the holiday? Or the one who lend his money to? Or the housewife who is afraid of spending her husband's money? Or the siblings themselves?

Do you really think someone should have to think up to this stage? Where on earth they got the idea of making someone sound and act silly but they live happily?

Mak pun dah naik bengong. Ni semua Jodi Picoult punya pasai. Huhhh!

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