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Its October Giveaway

 I love October because starting from last year I started to wandering about what kind of surprises that would fit perfect for my husband during our first anniversary and this October mine was gone beyond than usual as I have started to searching this and that. I just love October because it's the time when every moment of our sweetness memory of love come to my mind and I start talking about our past with my husband that sometimes it blushes me. Hehe.. And this October I have started to prepare for our anniversary this coming December and a ring is on my mind right now. I must say I would get nervous when it comes to October. Gelabah tak pasal. Haha.. So I just love October because it's the beginning to our sweetness memory of getting married and afterwards.


  1. salam, hai sis. wow. just love you slogan. :) you must be pretty exited ya, for these coming months. Happy becoming anniversary then. May your marriage will become a happily ever after marriage.

    1. wslm..haha..did u?i'm glad that u can feel it too..thanks for the wish :)

  2. singgah dari segmen yang sama



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